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  • BitConnect Bitcoin Community Reaches First Anniversary in Style

    Last year at this time, a dream took the first steps to becoming reality. In a digital world full of Bitcoin websites, but short on an integrated community, bitconnect.co was born, and the world of Bitcoin has never been the same. February marks the one year anniversary of this crypto unicorn, and it is time to regale in its achievements and look towards its future in Year Two.

    In less than one year, BitConnect’s online community has gained over 50,000 around the world, added a news department, engaged with online leaders like Kim Dotcom, successfully launched its own digital currency, added a Bitcoin wallet, an innovative Bitcoin lending system, and surged from zero traffic to a top 80k Alexa ranking. Plenty of hard work and good times were had along the way.

    “BitConnect mission is to provide crypto education and provide multiple investment opportunities to empower people financially,” says BitConnect Head of Development, Satao Nakamoto. “We have placed most crypto features that you can see on other websites, so BitConnect has just been preparing itself for the long run in crypto-world. “After one of the most productive initial years for any Bitcoin-related business in history, it is time to start building for the future. So what can BitConnect do for an encore? Nakamoto has a lengthy to-do list, but it always starts with the BitConnect members.

    “There are many features and functions to come in 2017,” adds Nakamoto. “BitConnect’s mission is to become the leading crypto-community in the world when it comes to functionality and user base by the year 2020. We have already started one structure opportunity with BitConnect where each country’s top member will have a special crypto-website built in their local language."

    The official BitConnect mobile Android and IOS app launches this month, which should also increase demand and price. Later in 2017, the BitConnect Coin will see more innovations and convenience features added. This includes the BCC Mining and Staking Pool Launch, providing a way for the community to earn, a BitConnect Coin reward with mining & minting, plus a new mobile wallet app & paper wallet. The BitConnect coin will also gain its own “Smart Card” in 2017, bringing all of the everyday usability you demand in a digital currency.

    BitConnect has become simply the world’s fastest growing online Bitcoin community. For more information on BitConnect, visit https:/bitconnectcoin.co/

  • Legends Room Issuing First-of-its-Kind Digital Token Membership

    Las Vegas gentlemen’s cabaret will offer limited access with unparalleled exclusivity

    LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The Legends Room is proud to announce the creation and debut of its members-only gentlemen’s cabaret where members will be identified via ownership of digital VIP tokens, which go on sale Feb. 24.

    Ownership of 5,000 Legends Room VIP tokens will provide a single lifetime membership to the club allowing entry to the most exclusive experiences in Las Vegas.

    The first 14 days is a pre-sale period during which one membership will cost $4,500. Following the pre-sale, memberships will be bumped up to $5,000 each. Membership will be limited in perpetuity to 3,000. The token offering runs until April 15, or once all tokens have been purchased.

    “We're excited to partner with the Legends Room team to combine their physical business with the blockchain,” said Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex.

    “The tokenization of their membership system creates efficiency for their company by eliminating manual bookkeeping and fraudulent memberships while expanding their customer base globally.”

    “Crypto-tokens make excellent access keys, and Legends Room is pioneering a very novel application of this concept: fully-liquid, tradeable membership tokens. I think the idea will catch on,” said Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift.io.

    Instant digital asset exchanges Bittrex and Shapeshift.io will be a part of the Legends Room VIP token sale, allowing participants to use over two dozen different cryptocurrencies.

    Run by Las Vegas club manager and promoter Nick Blomgren, hosted by UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar, and curated by the most famous adult star in the world, Asa Akira, the Legends Room is looking to transcend all expectations of Las Vegas club life with the future of currency in mind.

    “We have created an experience unlike any other club in Las Vegas and look forward to the next generation of nightlife,” Blomgren said. “Beautiful girls, amazing service and unparalleled exclusivity.”

    In addition to traditional forms of payment, cryptocurrency will be accepted for all services at the Legends Room, opening access to paying for just about everything in Las Vegas using digital currency. Hotels, exotic cars, fantasy excursions, training with a UFC star and more.

    Founding members will receive $2,500 in drink credits and $2,500 in dance credits for personal use at the club. Members also enjoy access to discounted private airfares, exotic car rentals, hotel rooms, and car and limo services. As a unique and special touch, members will get a personalized welcome video from one of the many celebrities associated with the Legends Room.

    Members will enjoy 24-hour access through a private entrance, a reserved bar with a dedicated mixologist, a members only menu, hidden conversation areas and ultra private rooms. Special evenings with some of the world’s most well known adult stars, the world’s most beautiful entertainers, and events with globally recognized personalities drawn from mixed martial arts, boxing, film, entertainment and music industries.

    In addition to enjoying club benefits directly, VIP token holders will also be able to rent or lease their memberships on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, either privately or through the club’s concierge. Members can also trade their membership on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

    For more information on becoming a member of Legends Room go to legendsroomlv.com.

    About Legends Room

    The Legends Room is the most exclusive club experience in Las Vegas. Members are privy to an ultra-luxurious club featuring a private lounge, celebrity hosts, distinguished clientele and, for the first time ever, use of cryptocurrency to purchase everything Las Vegas has to offer.

    Media Contact

    Marketing Team

    The Legends Room

    Las Vegas, NV


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  • Founder of Skype and LHV payment solutions to speak at blockchain conference in Tallinn

    On March 9, 2017, Tallinn will host the biggest Estonian blockchain conference, bringing together banking sector representatives. They will share their experience of implementing the blockchain technology and will discuss benefits of decentralized services.

    A key speaker on this topic will be JüriLaur, a chief specialist in payment services of Estonian LHV bank. He became well-known in the industry while working for Skype, where he focused on optimizing payment solutions.

    LHV is known far beyond Estonia as one ofworld’sfirst banks to turn attention to blockchain. Partnering with the range of startups in summer 2015, the bank has launched its own blockchain application called Cuber Wallet, a wallet for currency storage and safe money transfers. Everyone having account sin LHV can download the application.

    According to JüriLaur, the development of your own blockchain-based products is an opportunity to understand better the potential of technology.

    The speaker will tell why blockchain is advantages for the banking sector and which tasks developers should solve on 9 March at Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Tallinn. According to organizers, conference participants will include representatives of BitcoinFoundation, e-Residency, IBM, andFunderbeam.

    The published press release on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.

  • The Blockchain Academy London – A 2-day event on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

    On March 13-14, The Blockchain Academy presented by B3 - Blockchain Business Board – moves to London. After The Blockchain Summit - November 11th 2016 - and The Blockchain Academy held at Politecnico di Milano in December 2016, B3 is continuing to improve its educational offering.

    B3 is conscious that with the advance of Digital disruption, it’s crucial to gain a proper understanding of Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology to help leverage its full potential. ‘Distributed consensus’ without intermediaries or central authority could lead to disruption in Financial and Notarization services. The next step to such disruption leads to the Internet of Value (IoV), which already seems to be redefining the industrial, banking, and government landscapes. The application of cryptography in distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and tamper resistant records is going to play a vital role in any technological stack as well as in changing the history of money.

    Participants will gain proper knowledge about Bitcoin and Blockchain as well as an understanding of how this technology fits into the existing economic framework. The Full Academy (2 days) is designed for those who want a comprehensive outlook on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: the first day is made of an introduction which covers most of the relevant topics that any C-Level exec would want to know. The second day provides an in-depth analysis of the most important technological breakthroughs made possible by Blockchain.

    The proposed approach of The Blockchain Academy is that more than a technology this is a groundbreaking cultural paradigm shift. Participants will be able to study as well as practice what they will be listening from Ferdinando M. Ametrano who has been speaking about Bitcoin at Banca d’Italia, Italian Parliament Lower House, IlSole24Ore. Ferdinando was Chairman of the Host Committee for Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan also.

    Last but not least, Garrick Hileman, Economic Historian at the University of Cambridge and London School of Economics, will be presenting the results of the Blockchain Research co-authored by Vincenzo Morabito, Associate Professor at Università Bocconi and Founding Partner of B3.

    The Blockchain Academy is the second educational event organized by B3 – Blockchain Business Board

    WHO SHOULD ATTEND: C-level execs conceding that they need to properly understand what is going on, transaction bankers, regulators, innovators, payment institution managers, technologists, software developers, security experts, lawyers and notaries interested in the digital domain.

    WHEN AND WHERE IS IT: 13/14 March 2017 Tower Room – London & Partners

    6th floor, 2 More London Riverside, SE1 2RR, London (UK)

    About B3 – Blockchain Business Board

    B3 is an International Research Program that aims to explore and share how existing business models could evolve in line with the improvements made possible by the Blockchain technology. We are developing our own Blockchain ecosystem in order to facilitate connections among different stakeholders such as startups, experts, academia, companies and investors.

    Would you like to reserve your ticket? Click here

    Visit the following link for more details and information


    Press Contact 

    • Name : Valeria Lorenzi
    • Email address : media@b3chain.com
    • Phone number : +44 0 7876 181 681

    The published press release on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.

  • Blockchain between Europe and Asia. World-renowned blockchain experts will come to Moscow

    On April 19, the most well-known global specialists in the sphere of blockchain technologies will come to Moscow. Together with Russian bankers and entrepreneurs they will discuss Russian and foreign blockchain projects in financial and non-financial spheres.

    The meeting will be driven by the annual Blockchain&BitcoinConferenceRussia that features presentations from the representatives of IBM, Microsoft,Sberbank, NRU HSE and State Duma.

    The last Blockchain&BitcoinConference, which took place at Digital October on November 10, brought together 500 players of blockchain and bitcoin markets. This year, organizers, Smile-Expo event company, are expecting to see even more foreign attendees.

    Many speakers, with whom we are in discussions now, actively present at blockchain conferences on the West, but have never visited similar events in Russia,” said conference curator PavelLikhomanov.

    Participants will be able to attend two concurrent streams – for financiers and representatives of non-financial sphere.

    Topics of the Finance stream will include: blockchain application in banking sphere and state administration, as well as legislative issues. Speakers will summarize the first real steps to move banking processes to blockchain and discuss changes in the bitcoin market. What will be the results of strengthening the bitcoin policy in China; what shape will the draft on cryptocurrency regulation offered by the Russian Ministry of Finance take; which factors will influence the bitcoin rate and what price for 1 BTC can be expected by the end of the year.

    The Pro stream will be dedicated to the use of blockchain in business not connected to finances: e-commerce, retail, logistics, media. Discussion topics will be interesting for both entrepreneurs and developers. Practical issues will be discussed here: in what projects blockchain will be useful, what tasks it will solve and how to promote a new product in the market.

    Alongside the conference there will be an exhibition, where developers will showcase hardware and software for mining, crypto wallets, payment systems and other products for B2B and B2C segments.

    News about the project and results of the events held in 2014-2016 are available on the website Blockchain&BitcoinConferenceRussia.

    The published press release on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.

  • CoinVert is becoming the Preferred Platform of Instantly Exchanging Cryptocurrencies by Offering the Best Rates in the Market

    ​The powerful and user-friendly CoinVert makes use of an isolated and highly secure system to give users everything they need 24/7 for instantly exchanging 20 major cryptocurrencies with more added each month. The platform prides itself on having a fee between 0.1% while providing better exchange rates than all major competitors like ShapeShift or Changelly.

    CoinVert.io was conceived in 2015 and launched in May 2016 as an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. Currently Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, BitCrystals, BitShares, Dash, DigixDao, Dogecoin, Factoids, Lisk, MaidSafeCoin, Namecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Steem, Counterparty and Ripple can be exchanged instantly and securely. CoinVert keeps customer privacy in mind, no account or personal information is requested to complete an exchange. The digital exchange platform never stores client data.

    “We launched the service over a year ago with a very clear aim: to always have the lowest fee in the whole market. We kept our promise offering fees as low as 0.1% for each exchange type. This advantage is accomplished by maintaining a very complex trading engine which automatically calculates the rate for each trade by scanning all major exchanges to obtain the best possible exchange rate for every trade. Rates on CoinVert update every 30 seconds, assuring users that they will get their exchange at accurate and precise rates when converting cryptocurrencies”

    Sophie Edwards - Managing Partner at CoinVert

    The company is also currently in development of the CoinVert mobile application, which will include additional features for Android and IOS based devices not seen within the current web platform. The mobile application is scheduled to be released in April 2017 along with an automated exchange API for professional traders and developers.

    CoinVert is growing rapidly every day, and has committed to rolling out more features over the coming months as well as adding new coins.

    For more information visit the website: https://coinvert.io

  • iEx.Ec Reveal Tech Behind World’s First Blockchain Decentralised Cloud at EDCON

    ​​​iEx.ec presented a working demo of the world’s first distributed cloud computing network at the European Ethereum Conference EDCON this week. The French startup aims to be first to market with a new technology that uses blockchain smart contracts to redesign cloud computing.

    A Vision for the Future

    Iex.ec is creating a distributed market network that it hopes will be home to a new generation of businesses. Internet of Things (IoT), Distributed Applications (DApps) and High Performance Computing (HPC) - commonly known as 'supercomputing' could all benefit from access to the iEx.ec distributed cloud. These types of businesses are resource intensive and current cloud environments are too costly, or simply unsuitable for distributed business models. The iEx.ec distributed cloud will create a native environment in which they can thrive, lowering costs through the sharing of resources such as computing power and enabling them to do business with on another.

    iEx.ec’s demo features a mini DApp designed specifically to show its technology in actionUsing the DApp one can submit a transaction to the Ethereum blockchain and then execute computations live across a test network. The computation will return the user a ‘Vanity Address’ - a bespoke Bitcoin address - the creation of such addresses is computationally intense but iEx.ex reduces compute times significantly.

    Under the Hood

    Whilst the practice of pooling computing resources together isn’t new, the addition of blockchain to marketize it is. The key to iEx.ec’s offering lies in its ‘Oracle’ developed specifically to manage seamless transactions between the blockchain and a global computing platform. When launched the iEx.ec cloud will be an easy to use, pay-as-you-go, trustless system where the complexities of system management are automated via smart contracts.

    The startup will shortly release its API and have further plans to provide a set of smart contracts templates for easy on-boarding into the new cloud.

    iEx.ec is the combination two concepts that are at the core of decentralization: blockchain and distributed computing. Our team have produced numerous breakthrough innovations in the area of large scale data processing, data management, parallel computing, security and dependability, QoS, and many more. By revealing for the first time the iEx.ec blockchain cloud, we are showing to the world that we are ready for a new era of distributed applications monetized on the Blockchain with the highest level of transparency, resiliency, and security. Gilles Fedak, CEO, iEx.ec

    iEx.ec will be crowdfunding via an ICO in the spring and if successful they plan to roll out distributed services for DApps as early as the Autumn.


    iEx.ec is founded by Gilles Fedak Ph.D and Haiwu He, Ph.D, certified experts in distributed computing. It has headquarters in Lyon, France.

    iEx.ec provides distributed businesses with an ecosystem where they can access the services and computing resources they need to thrive in the decentralised economy. iEx.ec technology runs on Ethereum smart contracts providing a market network in the cloud that is scalable, secure and open to all.

    iEx.ec Demo DApp :

    Demo Walkthrough: https://medium.com/iex-ec/a-walk-through-iex-ec-demo-app-3a39316b3c36

    Website : http://iex.ec

    Press Contact : freya@iex.ec

    Whitepaper : http://iex.ec/whitepaper

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  • CloakCoin Ready to Go!!!

    ​​CloakCoin – The best choice for Private, Secure and Untraceable transactions is proud to present a highly advanced new wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux.

    On 18th of February 2017 the CloakCoin Team will present a brand new wallet for Windows, macOS and Linux, ready to be downloaded from the all new CloakCoin Web Site. Fast, secure and stable transactions built on decentralized, off-Blockchain coin mixing supported by a preset number of anonymous 'Cloakers' provides privacy for all its users.

    CloakCoin, one of the first digital currencies to focus on privacy, is based on the highly successful new ENIGMA Concept in combination with CloakShield, an Onion Routing system similar to the one used by TOR. Besides the privacy concept superior to most other so called anon coins CloakCoin offers an easy to install, easy to use GUI wallet for all major platforms.

    The CloakCoin Dev Team has spent almost a full year working on new concepts, improved performance and stability while the last couple of months have been used for extensive field testing in a real-life environment performing 'cloaked' transactions.

    The combined effort of the CloakCoin Team will give you reliable, simple to use and totally private system, doing what a currency is supposed to do: conduct business transactions – fast, secure and untraceable.

    Get Ready for a New CloakCoin – and a New Era!

    CloakCoin is a sleeping giant ready to wake up and offers an excellent investment opportunity for all who are ready to join this success story.


    • NewFeature: Implement blockchain downloader.
    • NewFeature: Add SendCloakedToAddress RPC command.
    • Enhancement: Implement Enigma Message system.
    • Enhancement: Add "Copy TX ID" option to transaction view in QT Wallet.
    • Enhancement: Speed up block loading.
    • Enhancement: Improve PoS block validation.
    • Enhancement: New Feature: Implement automatic wallet backup system.
    • Enhancement: Refactor CloakShield to decrease traffic and improve reliability.
    • Enhancement: Refactor and improve Enigma input selection code.
    • Enhancement: Switch blockchain database format to LevelDB.
    • Enhancement: Remove 'NumSplits' from the Enigma process and increase min-cloakers by one.
    • BugFix: Retain coin-lock once a Cloaker signs an Enigma transaction until new block is recieved.
    • BugFix: Stop Cloakers supplying an extra blank output address causing the Enigma transaction to fail.
    • Misc: Rename PoSA to Enigma.​

    Download CloakCoin

    The published press release on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.

  • US$4 million bet on Peerplays blockchain, before crowdsale

    Debert, Nova Scotia - February 17, 2017 – Peerplays (www.peerplays.com), a peer-to-peer gaming and wagering platform designed to displace traditional sportsbooks and online casinos, has raised US$4 million in donations from strategic parties in advance of its crowdfund which will begin on Sunday, February 26, 2017.

    “We’ve had a lot of proactive interest from various players since we launched our test net a few months ago,” said Jonathan Baha’i, President of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA), “and Peerplays has now grown into an international multi-party effort. We decided to accept early donations from those whom we are confident will bring strategic momentum far beyond capital.”

    On Peerplays, players will be able to wager bitcoin and other digital currencies on sporting events, casino games and online tournaments from anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional server-based gambling platforms, Peerplays is built on a blockchain which allows players to securely compete against each other in a provably-fair gaming environment without the need for a casino middleman.

    “Peerplays eliminates the high fees and counterparty risk of traditional gambling, and leverages smart contracts on the blockchain to create a frictionless gaming experience.” said Baha’i.

    “The token model is unprecedented, said Michael Maloney, Director of Intelligence at PBSA, “because token holders control the blockchain in every sense, from governance to proceeds. With Peerplays, each token holder receives reward payouts from every game played on the entire network, proportional to the amount of tokens they hold.

    “This technology will compress the entire gaming industry into a single blockchain,” said Maloney, “which is now recognized by large players in the space, many of whom we are in touch with.”

    The Peerplays crowdfund starts at 15:00 UTC on February 26, 2017. All donations, which will be held by an independent third-party trustee on behalf of PBSA, will be used to encourage and support the continued development of Peerplays. Upon launch of the Peerplays blockchain in spring 2017, players will be able to wager on games from anywhere in the world using the free downloadable app.

    PBSA was incorporated in December 2016 as a non-profit association under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) to encourage and support the development of the Peerplays blockchain and to promote provably-fair gaming standards for the Peerplays blockchain globally.


    Michael Maloney

    Director of Intelligence

    Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association

    47 Lockheed Crescent, Debert, NS, B0M 1G0

    +1 902 442 6266


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  • Blockchain will fundamentally transform exchange business – Funderbeam CEO Kaidi Ruusalepp

    “Blockchain can radically transform exchange sector”, believes Kaidi Ruusalepp, CEO at Funderbeam (exchange for startups) and former CEO at the Estonian Nasdaq subdivision. On March 9, she will speak at Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Tallinn.

    Being experienced in managing Nasdaq, Kaidi founded Funderbeam – an investment and research platform for finding investors and startups.

    At the end of 2016, Funderbeam team started creating a blockchain-based exchange. As envisioned by founders, the exchange should be an open platform for trading participants. Several companies and two private investors (one of them is Skype founder Jaan Tallinn) supported the project financially. Total amount of investments has already exceeded 2.5 mln dollars.

    Kaidi Ruusalepp is sure that blockchain implementation will solve the problem of transparency in the trading process and become “a financial engine of companies’ growth”.

    What issues will be discussed at the conference?

    At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kaidi Ruusalepp will tell you about new challenges faced by exchanges, banking sector and organizers of crowdsourcing campaigns.

    Her speech will be dedicated to prospects of using blockchain in exchange operations, experience of the Estonian Nasdaq business unit and tasks which should be tackled by authors of new projects (cases of Funderbeam and blockchain-based exchange).

    It will be interesting for startup founders, investors, stock trading participants and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

    To find out more visit the website of the conference.

    The published press release on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement by us. The website or company may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. You should do your own research before investing money in any company or website.