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  • Bitcoin Price Craters Almost 10%; Is Gold To Blame? ETH Shines

    ​The first quarter of 2017 has been a revelation, if you’re a digital currency investor. Whether you like a particular currency’s fundamentals or not, now is the time people are buying in and making a small fortune on most options on the market. Thursday, however, was a return of the bears to Bitcoin, as BTC dropped nearly 10% before rebound
  • $3000 Bitcoin Price in 2017 Predicted By Two Market Experts

    This week may prove to be one of the most pivotal weeks in Bitcoin history. With the Bitcoin price set to climb, or fall, at a pronounced rate within the next few days, some experts are using this time to express their optimism. Two such experts can see Bitcoin price reaching as much as $3000, or £3000, before year’s end.​ Bitcoin price is u
  • A Sobering State-of-The-Bitcoin Address About Bitcoin Fees

    ​Bitcoin seems to be doing very well, to the untrained eye. ETFs are popping up like daisies, Bitcoin price is at an all-time high, and mainstream publicity is copious and almost positive. However, there are cracks in the foundation of the world’s premier blockchain network. The fees for processing a Bitcoin transaction are going through
  • Bitcoin Price Blazes By Gold Price For First Time In History

    Bitcoin has passed a major psychological benchmark, again. Earlier this year, Bitcoin passed $1000 USD in value, then it passed its all-time high of over $1180 USD. Now, Bitcoin has officially, and rather easily, passed the international standard for commodity investment value. Bitcoin, on March 2nd, 2017 (my birthday) passed Gold for value per unit of measure
  • Bitcoin Price Sets New 2017 High; All-Time Value Mark Nears

    ​After another turbulent January that had even the most faithful shaken about Bitcoin’s future, the February rally has rekindled the greater community. A January roller-coaster has become a February value rocket, as the Bitcoin price has set a new high-water mark for 2017, as it closes in on a new all-time record, according to the
  • Video Review: 10 Reasons Bitcoin Price Will Destroy All-Time Highs in 2017

    ​In my writing career, I have never done a Video Review before, as I have never a Bitcoin-related video worthy of a review, but this video inspired me. Hopefully, this doesn’t come across as promotional, because my goal is to educate, not remunerate. Since this video is not promoting any product, except for the digital asset’s value itself, a worthy
  • Bitcoin Price Will Spike Over 65% After Winklevoss ETF - Analyst

    ​Bitcoin price speculation is a very popular practice and a whole lotta fun for the Bitcoin faithful. Now that the issues in China seem to have settled down, and the market has normalized after a turbulent first few weeks of 2017, it is time to look at the next event on the horizon. That will come next month, a
  • Bitcoin Price Takes a Wild Ride After Closed door Meeting

    ​​​Maybe China no longer controls 95+% of the global Bitcoin trading market, but it is still a top factor in Bitcoin’s price. If something goes down in China, the rest of the community will get heartburn. Another meeting in China between Bitcoin exchanges and the PBOC caused a major Bitcoin tumble on Wedn
  • Third Times The Charm? Bitcoin Price Reaches $1000 For Third Time

    For the third time in its disruptive, controversial, and innovative history, Bitcoin’s decentralized digital currency has passed the $1000 USD mark in value. The first time was in November of 2013 and the second was one month ago. Will this be the last time it needs to cl
  • Bitcoin Trading in China May See New Controls After Bitcoin Slide

    ​​China pretty much controls the global Bitcoin market, with about 80% of the world’s Bitcoin trading and about 95% of currency exchanges from fiat. This makes how China regulates, or doesn’t regulate, their domestic Bitcoin industry extremely important in the years to come. To this point, China has taken a laissefaire approach to the Chinese Bitcoi