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  • Ethereum on Bitfinex Takes Huge First Day Market Share; Was it Legit?

    Ethereum has been simply the hottest altcoin/digital currency of 2016, and it is attracting plenty of new business. BitLox is looking to add Ethereum to their mobile hardware wallet and one of the world’s largest exchanges, Bitfinex, has moved into the Ethereal sales business, taking about 25% of the market, but does so under questionable circumstances. Does The End Justi
  • China Details Their Interest in Creating New Digital Currency

    The world is going digital in every medium, from newspapers to retina displays, and money is looking to make a full conversion. The E.U. is spearheading a movement to ban cash , under the guise of fighting terrorism. This conveniently gives banks and governments more access to fees, taxes and surve
  • Will Bitcoin Tech Become a Scapegoat for Future Global Economic Downturn?

    Anyone who follows the global economy knows that things are not going well. Regulators, who’s policies have been failures from the start, are getting desperate. Banks, governments, and their henchmen only know one remedy for bad regulation, and that is to double-down with more regulations. With the current world perspective admittedly weak from mismanagement, global regulatory leaders are
  • Australia Newest Country to Publicly Embrace Digital Currency

    The world of currency and personal finance is changing right before our very eyes. Bitcoin provides the entire world the option of using an appreciating, encrypted and decentralized medium of exchange regardless of age, location or identification. Now, countries are starting to serious consider offering their own digital currencies in response, and Australia is the latest count
  • Japan Looking to Put Bitcoin on Par With Japanese Yen

    Bitcoin in Japan has had a checkered past, to say the least. Japan was home to Mark Karpeles’ Mt. Gox exchange, which held as many as 1,000,000 Bitcoins at its peak, in 2013, which then was the world’s first and largest Bitcoin exchange. Mt. Gox created the first accepted price structure for Bitcoins versus fiat currencies. Its even
  • BitConnect Sits Down With Amanda B. Johnson of The Daily Decrypt

    Bitcoin and the digital currency has grown and adapted to many different markets and mediums over its seven-year lifespan, but Bitcoin has not been a consistent presence of maybe the largest of them all, YouTube, until now. “The Daily Decrypt” YouTube channel launched in October and is hosted by co- founder Amanda B. Johnson. There
  • Bitcoin Mining Community Reach Consensus On Future Block Size Increase

    The Bitcoin multiverse, from miners to altcoin developers, even the mainstream media, have been talking for months about what the future of Bitcoin holds when it come to the debate over its block size. Such a democratic process looks messy and confused when an open-source, multi-national, multi-billion dollar industry needs to make its first major paradigm shift, with the world watching. Now, a
  • Bitcoin Gets An Upgrade: Bitcoin Core Version 0.12.0 Released

    One of the many advantages of Bitcoin, and digital currency in general, is that they are almost living technologies. They can be modified and upgraded (some are easier than others to implement) relatively quickly compared to things like fiat currencies, which can take a decade to revise. Improved speed, compatibility and higher security is always under consideration. Now, for all you miners and