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  • A Sobering State-of-The-Bitcoin Address About Bitcoin Fees

    ​Bitcoin seems to be doing very well, to the untrained eye. ETFs are popping up like daisies, Bitcoin price is at an all-time high, and mainstream publicity is copious and almost positive. However, there are cracks in the foundation of the world’s premier blockchain network. The fees for processing a Bitcoin transaction are going through
  • Video Review: 10 Reasons Bitcoin Price Will Destroy All-Time Highs in 2017

    ​In my writing career, I have never done a Video Review before, as I have never a Bitcoin-related video worthy of a review, but this video inspired me. Hopefully, this doesn’t come across as promotional, because my goal is to educate, not remunerate. Since this video is not promoting any product, except for the digital asset’s value itself, a worthy
  • Zero-confirmation Bitcoin Deposits Begin at Bitcoin Exchange Gemini

    ​​As the Bitcoin community waits for Segregated Witness to be miner-approved, which will allow The Lightning Network the opportunity to be approved within the Bitcoin protocol, some businesses are doing zero-confirmation Bitcoin transactions, as we speak. Now the Bitcoin exchange Gemini is one
  • Bitcoin Exchanges in China Change Trading Rules After Regulator Visit

    ​he world of Bitcoin is a new, exciting, and largely unregulated place. This has its pros and cons, but the recent bubble bursting earlier this month caused quite a stir in China, where the lion’s share of the world’s Bitcoin trading takes place. The issues uncovered were enough to draw regulators into the top three
  • Bitcoin Investments Get Better With Bitsea

    ​UK, (December 17, 2016) – With the quest for ultimate economic independence raging in full swing among the global population of the 21st century, the idea of tapping into the world of bitcoins appears to be gaining steady momentum. While still in its very early stages, this revolutionary form of digital currency has phenomenal potential to not just cater to the cause of
  • Waiting for Segregated Witness to Join Bitcoin Protocol? Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Maybe you are like me, and have seen your Bitcoin payment last week take 100-120 minutes instead of 10-20 minutes? Maybe you would like to see a future of off-chain Bitcoin transactions not even have to go through the blockchain, bogging it down even further? Maybe you don’t want to hear the word “mempool” one more time? Then you might be inte
  • Circle Announces More Pivots Away From Bitcoin

    There was a time when Circle was positioning itself as the first global bank of Bitcoin, which was interesting considering the fact that Bitcoin brings banking to the individuals themselves. This idea might have come from their association with Goldman Sachs. However, this business model has not panned out to Circle’s satisfaction when it comes to centralizing Bitcoin tra
  • Governments Gain Another Tool To Deconstruct Bitcoin Transactions

    ​Bitcoin and criminal use have become somewhat synonymous in mainstream circles. This is a funny turn of events since it is transacted on a public blockchain, so it has much greater transparency than many mediums of exchange. Law enforcement has also had a fair amount of success catching criminals in money laundering schemes, the Silk Road, and on the “
  • Zero Confirmation Transaction - $28k in Bitcoins Stolen With a Knife

    Over the coming months, you’ll be able to exchange faster and more efficiently through the use of the newest developer apps and protocols. The Lightning Network and Segregated Witness will make the entire system quicker, easier to use, and less cumbersome. For criminals who cannot wait for these innovations to arrive, some of the oldest tools in the shed can get you Bitcoins
  • 7 Ways to a Safer and Better Bitcoin Wallet

    ​Not everyone is proficient at getting started using Bitcoin. We many times forget about the basics, even those of us who have had a wallet for awhile. None of us is perfect, and summertime is always a great time for a refreshing look at things, so BitConnect