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  • Forget China, Argentina Is About To Roll out 250 Bitcoin ATMs

    Bitcoin is back above 4000 and the Chinese exchanges and it looks as though the we saw over the last four weeks was temporary, fear driven selling. Sentiment looks to be strengthening and it looks to it's paving the way for some positive news to compound the recovery and really get things moving to the upside once more. Cu
  • CoinFest 2016: Everything You Need to Know

    The fourth annual CoinFest Convention continues its global growth, expanding its Bitcoin reach every year from very humble beginnings. BitConnect has you covered with the important facts you need to know about the global Bitcoin get- together and where events are being held. CoinFest: Like Bitcoin, its beginnings were modest
  • Bitcoin by Debit Card Slowly Coming to America

    Buying a Bitcoin in the United States is not as easy as many might think. The second largest Bitcoin market in the world only has a few hundred known Bitcoin ATMs, or BTMs. And buying online through an exchange may require ID or further verification, defeating the all-inclusive nature of the decentralized currency design. Now, Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin exchange & wallet