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Account Reactivation for Balance Clearance

Account Reactivation for Balance Clearance

Account Reactivation for Balance Clearance

We have granted access back to all the suspended accounts so users may resolve any balance faults.

Users are required to clear negative balances in all bitconnet wallets to gain access to the withdraw function. Wallet transfer, exchange and deposit functions are now working to allow users to clear any negative balances on their accounts. Once these balances are clear accounts can be reactivated by clicking the “Access Withdrawal” tab.

Only a few accounts are still suspended. This is due to these accounts having received large sums of bitconnect coin or bitcoin from another account that has withdrawn significant funds. These account holders are required to contact the support team to arrange for these funds to be returned to the original account.

We will be fully enabling the support system tomorrow. Also, a special support system has been created for users that have faced wallet deposit issues. Users will be required to enter your blockchain transaction ID and deposit amount into the ‘special support’ field so this issue can be resolved within 24 hours.

We do not believe all suspended members have made their withdrawal intentionally. In fact, there were many members who reported the bug of double spending and this demonstrated their trust in the bitconnect platform and community. We wish all you a bright future with the platform.

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