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Glorious India Expo in Jersey a Great Success

Glorious India Expo in Jersey a Great Success

Glorious India Expo in Jersey a Great Success

Bitconnect had the opportunity to speak and meet business people from all the sectors of industry as well as consumers. Mr. Darji had the opportunity to meet expo visitors as well as the participants and explain the great investment opportunities with Bitconnect and cryptocurrencies.

The majority of the public and business people are not aware of the lucrative Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Bitconnect will definitely be visiting more shows like Glorious India to create a greater awareness of business people and consumers alike.

Grow with India

India is one of the leading growing economies in the world and partnering with businesses in America the largest world economy Bitconnect plans to lead by creating a greater awareness and educating people from all walks of life about the investment opportunities with cryptocurrencies.

Bitconnect is committed to educating businesses and mainstream people by being available at more shows such as Glorious India. By reaching more people and explaining how Bitconnect and cryptocurrencies can be an advantage to your business growth prospects. This is in line with the theme ‘Grow with India’ and form a Bitconnect community that will increase their wealth as they gain more knowledge of how they can use cryptocurrencies and the investment options that there are.

Bitconnect will like to thank all the visitors to their stand and hope that you have gained some valuable knowledge about the future of Bitconnect and cryptocurrencies. We at Bitconnect India are committed to being the leaders in Cryptocurrency investment opportunities and you are welcome to get into contact at any time.

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