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BitConnect Annual Ceremony event at Thailand

BitConnect Annual Ceremony event at Thailand

BitConnect Annual Ceremony event at Thailand

Bitconnect is hosting annual ceremony in Thailand. The location and the date are not known yet but there is a fantastic incentive for those that would like to go join the event.

Anyone that invests US$20,000 or more (One time deposit per ID) in Bitconnect lending between 1st of June to 31st of July will get the opportunity to join the Bitconnect annual ceremony event in Thailand.

Remember: Sum of multiple investment entries will not count as $20,000. You require to deposit all $20,000 or more in one time. Only one free pass allocated per member ID.

Whoever invests this amount of money will get their air ticket and hotel paid by Bitconnect. The Team Bitconnect will pay for both the air ticket and the hotel but please note that the members will need to do the bookings themselves. Travelers that will be coming from Western Countries will receive higher payments because of the higher costs of the air tickets.

There will be approximately 2000 Bitconnect community members that will be present at the event. This is the perfect opportunity and venue for the Bitconnect community to get together and share ideas and have fun.

At this event, Bitconnect will launch their smart card and a music album. The purpose of the event is to celebrate those that have excelled within the Bitconnect community. There will be awards given to bitconnect community supporters and achievers with grand celebration.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to come and join the Bitconnect community in celebration but also to speak to those that have excelled over the past year and get ideas on how to get the best results from cryptocurrency investments.

Investing the money will not only get you a free pass to come to the annual celebration but will afford you the opportunity to meet some of the best in the business which will help you understand the cryptocurrency markets better.

It is the perfect venue for meeting your peers and create lasting friendships while you are having fun and furthering your education on cryptocurrencies.

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