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New features and interface of Bitconnect

Bitcoin wallet Bitconnect- New features and interface of Bitconnect

New features and interface of Bitconnect

​Bitconnect are offering some new features to all registered users. These new features include a wallet facility and improved functionality of the existing Lending wallet system.

Bitconnect Wallet Facility

Bitconnect now has a wallet facility to enable you to manage Bitcoins. Upon registration, or for already registered users, you will now have Bitconnect wallet. This wallet allows you to store your Bitcoins securely with Bitconnect, and allows you to spend and receive Bitcoin instantly. You can send money with just one click. For privacy and security, we provide a new Bitcoin address for every payment you receive in Bitconnect wallet, although the previously used addresses are linked with your Bitconnect wallet forever.The Bitconnect wallet is the main wallet you can use.

You have a separate wallet for lending to receive earnings from Bitconnect lending, the value of Lending wallet is shown in USD. You are required to Transfer your lending wallet balance to your Bitconnect wallet at the current bitcoin exchange rate with the US Dollar before spending them. You can also convert your Bitconnect wallet bitcoin balance to Lending wallet at any time.

We hope here at Bitconnect that the new wallet facility improves the end-user experience, and the utmost security measures are taken to protect your funds at all times.

How to invest in Bitconnect lending platform?

There are two ways to invest in the Bitconnect lending platform. You can send Bitcoins from an external provider or other third-party wallets, or use the Bitconnect wallet balance for lending. The Bitconnect wallet has the added advantage of not needing network confirmations to deposit via Bitconnect wallet.

Pay From External or Third Party Wallet

1. Click on the "Lend Bitcoin" button on your dashboard, and enter amount in dollar you wish to lend. Accept the terms of use and click "pay from third party wallet service".

2. In the next window you are required to verify your lending details and click "Confirm".

3. In the next window you will be shown a Bitcoin address saying how much you need to deposit (the value you entered earlier), send exactly the same bitcoin from any wallet to this address. This must be done within 12 hours; it will be credited after 3 network confirmations.

4. Your profit will be credited every 24 hours of your lending.

Pay From Bitconnect Wallet.

1. You need to have some Bitcoin in your Bitconnect wallet. If you don’t have any funds in it, you can deposit some via the receiving Bitcoin address shown on the Bitconnect dashboard.

2. Once you have Bitcoins in your Bitconnect wallet, you can click the "lend Bitcoin" button, and fill in the amount that you wish to lend to the Bitconnect trading bot and click "pay from Bitconnect wallet".

3. Your lending will commence instantly as the funds are already confirmed to the Bitconnect wallet. Your profit is credited every 24 hours of your lending.

How to reinvest in Bitconnect lending?

To reinvest your profits, you must do the following:

1. First ensure you have earned at least $10, once this has been done click the reinvest button.

2. In the window that appears, select the amount you wish to reinvest and click the confirm button.

Note: If you wish to reinvest a part amount of your lending wallet balance, you need to add amount manually in the amount field.

How to withdraw profit from Lending wallet?

To withdraw your profits from the Lending wallet, the following process must be followed:

1. Ensure you have a minimum of $1 USD in your Lending wallet. Once you have more than the $1 threshold you must transfer the USD balance from your lending wallet to the Bitconnect wallet at the current Bitcoin market price.

2. You can either store the Bitcoin in your Bitconnect wallet, or move it to any wallet of your choice instantly via send Bitcoin form on dashboard.

Uses of the Wallet Services

1. The Bitconnect wallet can be used to accept, store, spend and manage your Bitcoins.

2. With Wallet service you can store value as Bitcoin in Bitconnect wallet or USD in your Lending wallet.

3. You can use the balance of both wallets to reinvest in the Bitcoin lending platform to profit.

4. Without restriction, you can convert your Bitcoins to USD and USD to Bitcoins at any time.


There are two wallets on the Bitconnect platform, the New Bitconnect wallet for storage of bicoins and use as a general wallet, and your Lending wallet. The Bitconnect wallet can be used to accept, store and send bitcoins instantly. Any funds in your Bitconnect or Lending wallet are kept secure by our stringent security systems.


With Bitconnect wallet system, we hope this will improve the overall experience of our users. If you have any difficulties, please contact our support for further informations.