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We have introduced CALM MODE for members of Bitconnect!

We have introduced calm mode for members of Bitconnect!

We have introduced CALM MODE for members of Bitconnect!

CALM MODE has been in place from 21st May 2016 to 31st May 2016, LEND and RECOVER order will not be created during this period. However, you can submit the LEND REQUEST in Community pool and System pool. The dispatcher for RECOVER request will be started from 1st JUNE 2016. All Pending RECOVER REQUEST will be process from 1st JUNE 2016. All Bitconnect operation will continue working normally from 1st JUNE 2016.

What should i do during CALM PERIOD?

New features of Bitconnect system

  • How does interest calculated for bitcoin lending?
  • How does referral program work?
  • How to use bitconnect My Page to get connected to other bitconnect members?
  • How to share Bitconnect post on other social networking site?
  • Organize meeting with other bitconnect member and promoters in your region to learn new features

Bringing new members to the community

  • Place your referral link on your blog, or website to bring new members
  • Teach Bitconnect concept and working functionality to new members
  • Write blog and article about bitconnect and its working functionality
  • Invite your friends to join Bitconnect community
  • Share your referral link on popular social media platforms
  • Mention Bitconnect in your newsletter, using your referral link there