System News

  • Changes being made to the affiliate program, the removal of Bitcoin Cash and BCC is added to HitBTC!

    Just days after hosting one of the biggest events in the history of cryptocurrency the Bitconnect team is announcing three changes that will be coming in the immediate future. Members from across the globe traveled to Pattaya city to recognize top earners from their respective countries. Awards we
  • BitConnect Annual Ceremony Announcements and BCCPAY Details

    On the 28th of Oct 2017, BitConnect celebrated its first year of public trading, rewarding and acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the national and regional promoters without whom BitConnect's success and expansion would not have been possible. Situated against the picturesque backdrop that is Pattaya, t
  • BitCoin Gold will not be credited on BitConnect

    Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a proposed fork to the Bitcoin network which would result in a separate currency on an entirely different blockchain. Although similar to the BitCoincash (BCH) fork on Aug 1, it will not be supported by BitConnect. Bitcoin gold’s development team has not made their code available for public scrutiny
  • BitConnect prepares to celebrate its annual ceremony in Thailand

    BitConnect is pleased to announce that this year's annual Ceremony will be held at the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall in the lovely and vibrant city of Pattaya on Saturday, October 28th. Celebrate with us as we hear from and award our top promoters and constituents. Enjoy acrobatic performances, dance and live entertainment
  • Blockchain Expo North America and Private yacht party with BitConnect promoters

    Join the Bitconnect team in Beautiful Santa Clara, California for the 2017 North America Blockchain Expo. Consider this your invitation to experience the world's largest Blockchain exhibition in person. A crowd of over three thousand is expected to fill The Santa Clara Convention Center on November 29th and 30th
  • Bitconnect Conference-Philippines

    The Bitconnect team is pleased to announce the 2nd Philippines conference, to be held October 19th, 2017 from 7-11PM at the Grand Convention Center Cebu. Located in the heart of Cebu city, "Grand Con" as it's affectionately called by the locals, has over 20,000 square feet of meeting space offering several ameniti
  • To invest in the Uquid coin ICO with Bitconnect tokens

    Starting October 2nd, 2017 customers will be able to invest in the Uquid coin ICO with Bitconnect tokens. Uquid is known for their cryptocurrency debit cards as well as mobile phone top-ups. Since it's launch in May of 2016 Uqui
  • First Successful BitConnect event Australia

    ​BitConnect Australia presented its very first Official event on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. The event took place on the 13th of September 2017. There were 60 attendees who got to experience the BitConnect ecosystem. Experiencing how it allows individuals to build on their endeavors by increasing knowledge and awareness of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain T
  • Members of BitConnect are requested to use new BitConnect Coin deposit address from dashboard

    Dear BitConnect members, We requesting you to deposit your bitconnect Coin(BCC) in new deposit address. For security reasons, We have assigned new bitconnect deposit address for depositing funds to Bitconnect wallet. We Only changed Bitconnect Wallet address for Web wallet only, For Desktop wallet Bitconnect Receiving address will be same as old
  • Account Reactivation for Balance Clearance

    We have granted access back to all the suspended accounts so users may resolve any balance faults. Users are required to clear negative balances in all bitconnet wallets to gain access to the withdraw function. Wallet transfer, exchange and deposit functions are now working to allow users to clear any negative balances on their accounts. Once these bala