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Hope the #bitconnect price goes up like dramamtically lol #Bitcoin #invest #NYC #Tek
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Do you believe that someday will find 1BCC = $10? share your thoughts, i'm talking seriously.
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BitConnect Coin The Cryptocurrency Revolution.
BitConnect coin is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on investment.

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The recent #Blackcoin price increase was ignited by an infusion of Chinese #investments. More than 64% of Blackcoin’s 24-hour volume is centralized on the Chinese BTC38 exchange. At present, Blackcoin comprises nearly 11% of BTC38’s total volume, trailing only Dogecoin (51%) and BitSharesX (17%).

#Blackcoin price btc38 exchange volume
Breakdown of Top 5 Coin Volumes on BTC38 According to #CoinMarketCap. Blackcoin currently ranks 3rd on the popular Chinese exchange.
The increased Blackcoin exchange volume has raised Blackcoin’s CoinGecko metric score as well. On September 11, Blackcoin’s scored 47% with a 42% community, a 62% developer, and a 43% liquidity score. Blackcoin’s community and developer scores remain unchanged since then, but the extra exchange volume increased the coin’s liquidity score to 43% and its overall score to 49%.

Blackcoin price coingecko score sept 15

CCN’s last article on #Blackcoin noted that the coin’s metric score was five spots higher than its market cap ranking, which can sometimes indicate a coin is out-performing its market cap and could be poised for a price rise. In this particular case, the Blackcoin price trend confirmed that theory, as Blackcoin rose to thirteenth in market cap–just behind its twelfth-place metric rank. Since Blackcoin is now ranked comparably to its overall coin health, traders should not #invest on the assumption that #Blackcoin is underperforming.

Investors should also be wary of a cooling-off period, which is liable to happen after frantic price rises such as the one Blackcoin has experienced. After the coin’s value rose more than 40% in a single day, many investors will be tempted to sell their holdings at a huge profit. Short-term investors should keep this in mind before buying Blackcoins at what could be a temporary price-peak, and long-term investors should remember this before panicking if Blackcoin undergoes a moderate price-correction.
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