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A crypto currency backed up with efficient infrastructure may increase global cost reduction for all market participants and change the entire banking system. Bitcoin and Blockchain will do for payments what internet did for communication.

Blockchain Expo

Blockchain Expo will be bringing together key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.


We believe you should be able to set-up a cross-border payment as quickly as you can send an email.


Your free educational resource to learn the basics of Bitcoin.

FineTech Weekly

FinTech Weekly is a free newsletter, featuring the latest articles on developments, solutions and innovations in the business. Additionally, FinTech Weekly provides the largest fintech conference list on the web and a lot more to discover – just everything worth knowing in the business.

Internet of Coins

Joachim is founder of Internet of Coins, a decentralized, autonomous network that aims to link all the world's value systems on its unified platform. After more than two years of development in The Netherlands, Internet of Coins has announced a global fundraising campaign called "Coinstorm" with support of Internet pioneers SIDN and NLnet.