Bitcoin Investment Solution | Earn Interest Against Bitcoin Price Volatility

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Holding Bitcoin exclusively can be a risky investment due to high price volatility. One day the price can be up 10% then the next day it's down 20%, signifying that Bitcoin can be a risky asset for the average investor. To combat bitcoin’s volatile price fluctuations, we provide the bitcoin lending module on our platform for bitcoin investors, which maintains your asset value and even earn a substantial return on investment.

Investing on BitConnect platform, as you will find, is a safe way to earn a high rate of return on your investment without having to undergo a significant amount of risk.

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Real-time interest rate returns

The interest rate that we can guarantee on your bitcoin investment while using our investment platform is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily.

The chart above represents real-time interest rate changes on our platform, tracking the volatility of BTC vs USD and the volatility of USD against major world currencies. The Bitcoin Price Volatility Software calculates interest in real-time for you, so you can monitor profit at any time. Increased volatility means there is greater uncertainty on the returns of a Bitcoin investment.

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Daily Closing rate of interest

The chart you see above represents the interest calculated on daily closing by the Bitcoin Price Volatility Software. This rate determines the next day’s interest rate for your lending amount.

For example: If you lend $1000 today - you will see interest accrued after 24 hours, calculating today’s interest rate as shown in the second chart (i.e. 0.32%). You will have $1000 + $3.2 in your account after 24 hours as a profit.

The next day’s rate of interest on your bitcoin investment is determined by today's closing on real-time interest rate chart.

BitConnect account balances are reflected in USD, and you will receive a US dollar estimation based on the current market price of bitcoin. The dollar amount you see will stay the same regardless of market fluctuations in bitcoin price. This means that your investment on our community platform is safe and secure.

You can calculate expected return on an asset by BitConnect interest calculator, using the previous 7 and 30 day’s average to calculate the return on your investment.