How Does Interest Calculated for BitConnect Lending?

How Does Interest Calculated for BitConnect Lending?

The interest rate that bitconnect can guarantee on your investment while using our investment platform is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily.

The Bitcoin Price Volatility Software calculates interest in real-time for you, so you can monitor profit at any time. Increased volatility means there is greater uncertainty on the returns of investment.

The next day’s rate of interest on your investment is determined by current day closing on real-time interest rate chart.

BitConnect account balances are reflected in USD, and you will receive a US dollar. The dollar amount you see will stay the same regardless of market fluctuations in bitconnect coin (BCC) price. This means that your investment on our community platform is safe and secure. Once you transfer USD from lending wallet to BitConnect Wallet, it will start flactuating based on current market price of BitConnect Coin (BCC).

You can calculate expected return on an asset by BitConnect interest calculator, using the previous 7 and 30 day’s average to calculate the return on your investment.