• The Bitconnect reputation system is based on two components:

    1. Transaction feedback: Bitconnect uses a feedback system that shows a score on your public profile with a percentage. Each Bitconnect member receives a feedback score for each completed transaction. The feedback can be one of three choices: Positive, Neutral or Negative. Neutral feedback does not affect the percentage score. 
    2. Public profile:We allow members to leverage their reputation by verifying identity and address proof. In addition, you can verify pre-existing online reputation by verifying online accounts, such as facebook , twitter , google plus, and paypal.
  • No. Bitconnect members can choose whether to specify their real name on public profile or remain known as a pseudonym.  If you wish to use your authentic name and verify your identity with bitconnect system, that would be more desirable. When you stand behind your Bitconnect activity with an authentic name, our community is more accountable overall.

  • You can’t change or edit feedback by yourself, however, if you believe the feedback has mistakes you can appeal to revise feedback through a support ticket. The Bitconnect system edits or removes feedback only if that feedback is left by a suspended or fraudulent member.

  • Bitconnect is currently offered free of charge, except for in the case of bitcoin exchange and product selling. In those cases we share in the revenue among the community members. Keep in mind we will consider charging fees in the future, both as a way to sustain the Bitconnect platform and as protection against Sybil attacks.

  • We use BitConnect Price Index to calculate Bitcoin price.

  • Account verification is simple. After logging in to your account, go to your "My Page" and click on Account Verification. You will need to upload a photo/scan of two types of documents, as per the list below:

    Proof of Name and D.O.B:

    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Government Issued Identity Card


    Proof of Address (issued within the last three months):

    • Utility Bill e.g. Electricity, Gas, Water, or Landline phone bill
    • Bank Statement
    • House/Health/Motor insurance policy document
    • Government stamped tax assessment notice
    • Council rates notice/ council tax bill

    If your account verification is successful, your public user profile will show a Verified icon.

  • You can read our safety and security guide which explains how to best secure your account. But for the sake of convenience, here are a few tips that will protect you against the majority of phishing and hacking attempts:

    • Remember to Create a strong, unique password, one with at least 10 characters. Simple passwords, such as passwords that match your email address in part, are not accepted.
    • Bitconnect will never ask for your login information - if you receive an email that appears to come from Bitconnect, it is a scam if it asks for your account information.
    • Be aware of fake emails and copycat websites - Sometimes emails and websites appear to be official properties of Bitconnect when they are actually from a third–party, Fraudulent company.
    • Recognize misleading hyperlinks - The text of a hyperlink may contain a URL that is not the URL it actually links to.
    • if someone else has accessed your account,Immediately contact support. Include the an explanation of what happend in addition to your account name, the e-mail used to register with Bitconnect, your name, IP address, phone number associated with your account, and your recent site activity.
  • Yes. You can appeal to re-activate your suspended account by contacting bitconnect support. We may ask you to provide valid reason with proof to revoke the suspension status.

  • Bitconnect.co is peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform where bitconnect members can buy-sell bitcoins directly to and from other trusted community members. In the event of a dispute, the Bitconnect escrow service will act as the arbitrator to determine who should ultimately receive the bitcoin.

    If you're new to Bitconnect and want to buy Bitcoin, please take a look at our Exchange guideto learn how to buy or sell bitcoins.

    1.  Create an account on Bitconnect

    2. Go to the buy-sell bitcoin page. Click “Buy bitcoins” tab and you will have number of different listings from different traders (sellers)

    3. Choose trader with an excellent feedback score, a preferred exchange rate and a payment method

    4. Press Buy, enter the amount desired, then submit your request

    5. An order will be generated with three parties involved: buyer, seller, and Bitconnect

    6. After reviewing the order and public profile of buyer, a seller may accept the order and display his/her account detail to buyer. (Note: seller may reject the order at his or her discretion if buyer fails to comply with seller policy)

    7. Once accepted by seller, the specified amount of bitcoins you wish to buy are held locked on Bitconnect's escrow service

    8. Buyer then transfers payment to account specified in the order and confirm it by uploading proof of payment transferred for the seller to review.

    9. Once the seller confirms payment, they release the bitcoin from escrow, allowing the buyer to then withdraw the coins from Bitconnect.
  • Unlike centralized bitcoin exchange sites, you can sell bitcoins directly to other trusted community members. This makes the selling easy and fast, as there is no centralized organization or corporate body involved.

    1. Register an account on Bitconnect.  Click “Sell bitcoins” tab to see the list of available traders (Buyers).

    2. Select a trader with an Excellent feedback score, your preferred exchange rate, and payment method you wish to receive in your local currency

    3. Click “Sell”, enter amount you wish to trade, and submit the request.

    4. The order will be generated and the specified amounts of bitcoins you wish to sell are held locked on Bitconnect's escrow service with three parties involved: buyer, seller, and Bitconnect.

    5. Once the funds have been loaded pay attention for an email or message from your bitcoin buyer, providing proof of payment. 

    6. Once you receive proof of payment it is the seller’s responsibility to confirm that the payment has indeed been collected and cleared before releasing the escrowed bitcoins to buyer.
  • If there are issues with a trade you can start a dispute, which will be looked at by a Bitconnect support person who will resolve the dispute.

    Dispute Buy and Sale Orders

    When a request is made to trade on Bitconnect.co, the specified amount of bitcoins you wish to buy are held locked on Bitconnect's escrow service. After initiating a trade request, the order will be generated with three parties involved: buyer, seller, and Bitconnect. The trade amount is now locked until two of the three parties agree to release it.

    This can go in two ways:

    • Escrow process locks the bitcoin on Bitconnect's escrow service until seller releases it to the buyer.
    • The buyer can raise a dispute if the seller doesn’t release the escrow. Bitconnect staff will intervene to review the case and decide to refund the payment to the seller, or releasing it to the buyer, depending on what is provided.
  • Currently there are no active traders on Bitconnect site due to feedback qualification process. Once community members acquire 500 feedbacks from lending module, they are allowed to post trade advertisement.

  • Bitconnect traders who create advertisements get charged a 1% fee for Bitcoins released from escrow and sent to pooled fund. At the end of each month, all revenue generated from bitcoin trading module will be share among the active traders according to their rank. Therefore, to get benefited from bitconnect trading platform, you must require trading module to be unlocked.