Bitconnect Trading Module allows members to buy and sell bitcoins directly to and from each other. In the event of a dispute, the Bitconnect escrow service team will act as the arbitrator and determine ultimate resolution regarding the dispute.

How does the exchange work on Bitconnect?

  1. Bitconnect Qualification

  2. Only qualified bitconnect community members may use the trading module to create trade advertisements with the exchange rate and mode of payment they prefer. All other bitconnect members can browse these trade advertisements to buy or sell bitcoins. Learn how to qualify for Bitconnect trading.


  1. Bitconnect Escrow

  2. Bitconnect uses internal escrow service to settle any escrow disputes.  Escrow protects bitcoin buyers from fraudulent sellers by requiring the bitcoin to be locked on Bitconnect's escrow service. Likewise, bitcoin sellers are protected if the buyer ever attempts to withhold or reverse payments that already sent.


Benefits when trading bitcoins on Bitconnect 

  • Quick and easy to trade bitcoins with fiat
  • Trading with trusted community members
  • Seller protection with escrow services baked in
  • Connect with the local bitcoin community and gain trust
  • Trade with your preferred exchange rate and payment options
  • Get paid extra for in-demand payment options

When you’re looking to buy and sell bitcoins, taking those first steps may seem a little challenging. That’s why we’ve created a short guide- How does bitcoin buy and sell work with Bitconnect?

How to buy bitcoins on Bitconnect?

How to sell bitcoins on Bitconnect?

How to open dispute on Bitconnect?

How to Cash trade with Bitconnect escrow service?

How to post a bitcoin sell advertisement?