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  • Bitcoin: From Most Popular Cryptocurrency To Legitimate Financial Asset

    Since its humble beginnings, a lot has been discussed about the future of Bitcoin and whether it in fact does have a future. A lot of corporations don’t think so. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has previously referred to the currency as a “fraud” and until recently, CME, the world’s largest futures exchange, stated that
  • Nick Szabo Developed a Method of Sending Bitcoin Transactions Over Radio

    At the Scaling Bitcoin Conference held at Stanford University, Bitcoin pioneer Nick Szabo and former Stanford engineer Elaine Ou introduced a working method of securely sending Bitcoin transactions over radio signals. Earlier this week, Jameson Lopp, the lead engineer at BitGo and prominent Bitcoin dev
  • This Company Just Gained 35% On Bitcoin Adoption

    Shifting towards adoption can be a great thing for a company that operates in a country where adoption is on the up whatever industry you are in but when that industry involves finance it can be even more so. That's what Canadian company Mogo Finance Technology Inc. just discovered. In an interview with
  • What you need to know about the future(s) of Bitcoin

    Even if you’ve just dipped your little toe into the ever-deepening pool that is the crypto industry, you would have heard about Bitcoin. It’s the biggest and most popular virtual currency, with its reach widening every day. It’s also the most expensive. Trading in this fast-growing currency can quickly burn a hole in
  • SEC issues warning against celebrity-endorsed ICOs and other investments

    The number of good investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space is rising steadily. But at the same time, there are still some duds that should be approached cautiously--unless you want to actually lose some of your money on them. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to get information on these investments before you go and place your bets on any, so
  • Bitcoin: cryptocurrency or virtual commodity?

    When someone mentions the term “Cryptocurrency” your mind can’t help but immediately think of Bitcoin. After all, it is the most expensive and well-known currency. Taking just a quick look at the markets will show you that its popularity isn’t abating anytime soon. However, according to Allianz Chief Economic Advisor, Moh
  • Crypto expands its popularity to the hallowed halls of universities

    We’ve all heard that age-old adage that the future of the world lies in our children. Well, it seems as if the youth is taking that message to heart as they aim to learn more about the future of the most popular commodity right now – cryptocurrency. From Stanford to Carnegie Mellon, students have been showin
  • Famed Pastor Just Picked Up Five Years For His Role In Coin.Mx

    The potential for Bitcoin to be used in malicious transactions (money laundering, buying drugs and weapons, that sort of thing) has long been at the forefront of discussions surrounding regulation and adoption. It's the argument most often put forward for government intervention and – since the downfall of Silk Road and the life imprisonment of Ross Ulbricht
  • Antonopoulos: Bitcoin is Better Than Fiat Because it is Voluntary

    At a Bitcoin conference, highly regarded Bitcoin and security expert Andreas Antonopoulos stated that Bitcoin is fundamentally better than fiat money such as the Euro and the US dollar because it is voluntary and it does not require anyone in the market to use it with violence, mandatory regulations, and impractical policies. In response to a question f
  • Russia Is Opening A Crypto Detective Agency

    For the last few months, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Russia has been a pretty hot topic. The nation's President, Vladimir Putin, has been anything but clear in his intentions, with reports hitting press on both sides of the adoption argument. Some suggested that he was open to adopting Bitcoin, while others suggested the same but also that he