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  • Crumbling European Union Takes One More Swing at Bitcoin

    ​Let’s get right to it. The European Union is a crumbling joke of globalism that is slowly fading into the history books. Today, The Netherlands will elect a new leader who may also break away from their tyranny. Feeling the pressure to maintain control of the countries still burdened with this failed socialist directive, the Coun
  • Bitcoin Hard Fork Fears Grow; Will BTC Turn Into ETH/ETC?

    Bitcoin has been on a roll throughout the first quarter of 2017. Things have been going so well that the failed ETF by the Winklevoss Twins only slowed Bitcoin price down for a few hours, after months of speculation. However, a major storm is brewing that may fracture Bitcoin permanently in 2017. Backlogs of Bitcoin transactions have ta
  • Wild Weekend Update - Big News in Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum

    ​Simply put, this past weekend may go down as one of the most exciting in digital currency history, as anything, and everything happened over the last three days. After our last post of the week on Friday, major news erupted within Bitcoin on Friday, altcoin Dash on Saturday, then Ethereum on Sunday. Let’s recap. Bitcoin When we signed off on Friday, we
  • Abra Releases Update For Buying Bitcoin Directly

    For those who are looking for a faster, easier way of buying and holding Bitcoin, you can now buy, hold, send, and spend bitcoin as a currency directly within the Abra app globally. This Abra update launched yesterday allowing those in the US and the Philippines to buy bitcoin using your bank account with no fe
  • $3000 Bitcoin Price in 2017 Predicted By Two Market Experts

    This week may prove to be one of the most pivotal weeks in Bitcoin history. With the Bitcoin price set to climb, or fall, at a pronounced rate within the next few days, some experts are using this time to express their optimism. Two such experts can see Bitcoin price reaching as much as $3000, or £3000, before year’s end.​ Bitcoin price is u
  • A Sobering State-of-The-Bitcoin Address About Bitcoin Fees

    ​Bitcoin seems to be doing very well, to the untrained eye. ETFs are popping up like daisies, Bitcoin price is at an all-time high, and mainstream publicity is copious and almost positive. However, there are cracks in the foundation of the world’s premier blockchain network. The fees for processing a Bitcoin transaction are going through
  • Bitcoin Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom Releases New Biopic Film Documentary

    ​The life and times of future Bitcoin entrepreneur and legendary online business kingpin Kim Dotcom have been anything but boring. In fact, it appears to be so fascinating that it is being put on film. Here are the details to new biopic “Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web.” The film will receive its world premiere next Monday at the SXSW
  • Global Summit on Bitcoin and Blockchain: The State of Cryptocurrency Recap

    ​Digital currency interest in India is exploding, and it is taking the different forms. The nationally-supported version being instituted by the government and centralized banking system, and the decentralized options led by Bitcoin. Last week, a summit meeting for those within the Bitcoin community in India commenced where market leaders, and even government o
  • Bitcoin Price Blazes By Gold Price For First Time In History

    Bitcoin has passed a major psychological benchmark, again. Earlier this year, Bitcoin passed $1000 USD in value, then it passed its all-time high of over $1180 USD. Now, Bitcoin has officially, and rather easily, passed the international standard for commodity investment value. Bitcoin, on March 2nd, 2017 (my birthday) passed Gold for value per unit of measure
  • Start Your Own Online Bitcoin Business With New App

    ​Many people would like to use and acquire Bitcoin but may be discouraged with its meteoric rise in price. Buying and selling the premier digital currency for fiat is only one way to collect Bitcoin. Another way would be to sell a good or service for “The future of money,” and