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  • CME - Bitcoin will be a new asset class in the future

    By now, you may have heard that the world’s biggest exchange, CME, has announced that they will be launching Bitcoin futures contracts by as soon as the end of this year. Investors will be able to easily invest in the pricey currency while not having to deal with counterparty risks, or market volatility common to the crypto industry. In addition,
  • Bitcoin’s bid for legitimacy sows even more division

    Arguably the crypto world’s most popular virtual currency, Bitcoin, reached an all-time high over last weekend trading at just over $7,600. This impressive feat has seemed to open up debate (once again) about the future of the currency, and whether or not it actually has one. CME, one of the world’s largest exchanges, definitely thinks that
  • Bitcoin increases in both popularity and energy costs

    Bitcoin is continuing its phenomenal increase in popularity and price.It recently surged passed the $7,600 mark, seemingly thumbing its nose at those who questioned it’s worth not too long ago. It’s integration into real-world markets was also fast-tracked recently when CME, the world’s largest exchange, unveiled its plans to
  • “Buy Bitcoin” Has Surpassed “Buy Gold” on Search Engine by Drastic Margins

    Various search engine data providers including Google Trend have revealed that the phrase “Buy Bitcoin” has surpassed “Buy Gold” in terms of number of global searches. Over the past two years, since the beginning of 2016, the demand for Bitcoin as a safe haven asset, store of value, and ultimately, digital gold has increased exponentially
  • Is Blockchain all it’s cracked up to be?

    Decentralized platforms seem to rely on Blockchain to operate successfully. Because of this, the interest and investment in this type of technology continues to increase at a seemingly astronomical rate. It does solve an endless amount of problems, right? Well, maybe not so much. So,what exactly does this new kid on th
  • Japanese Bitcoin Mining Just Became More Attractive

    About five or six years ago, it was possible to profitably mine Bitcoin using nothing more than a desktop PC. Fast forward to today, and profitability requires huge amounts of hash power and, in turn, a considerable amount of electricity. Of course, unless this electricity is cheap, profitability is difficult to achieve. This has led to markets searching for the most ef
  • Increasing need for Bitcoin and Blockchain Skills

    The amount of interest and attention that the crypto industry is gaining is nothing short of astronomical! With Bitcoin trading close to the $7000 mark,it’s not hard to see why. The currency has grown by more than 500%, with that trend not seeming to decline anytime soon. It’s no surprise then that big corporations are hurry
  • Fighting Wall Street fraud with Bitcoin and Blockchain

    Blockchain technology and Bitcoinare core components of the crypto industry. Using blockchain as its foundation, Bitcoin is a lucrative investment option, trading at just under $7000making it the most popular, and expensive, virtual currency. The efficiency and decentralized nature of blockchain technology has t
  • Leading Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Trezor Will Support SegWit2x (B2X)

    Trezor , the most widely utilized Bitcoin hardware wallet within the cryptocurrency sector, has released an official statement regarding the SegWit2x hard fork scheduled to be executed on November 16. Upon the SegWit2x hard fork later this month, the Trezor
  • Satoshi Labs Just Launched The Trezor Model T

    As decentralization becomes takes a hold of the financial space, the benefits of third party-less financial transactions are being realized. No fees, no intermediary, all that sort of thing. Of course, with any shift like this, there are certain downsides associated with the shift. In this instance, the primary downside is the n