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  • Blockchain is levelling the playing field in the eSports Arena

    Online video gaming, also known as eSports , is an increasingly profitable industry to be a part of. This year will see the industry bring in more than $700 million worth of revenue. This is a staggering 41.3% increase. Based on this, it is projected that eSports will reach the $1.5 billion mark by 2020. Blockchain technology
  • Agent in Ulbricht Case Gets Another Two Years

    The case of Ross Ulbricht is a now infamous and – for many – deeply troubling one. The guy behind the Silk Road marketplace is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole having exhausted all avenues of potential appeal. Whether Ulbricht will, in fact, spend the rest of his days in prison remains to be seen but all signals sug
  • Bitspark Just Picked Up A Key Backer

    As the Cryptocurrency industry expands and adoption increases globally, many of the companies that laid the groundwork for said expansion are going to pick up increased attention from traditional finance entities. Whether this involves mergers or buyouts, or simply stake taking, doesn't really matter, what does matter is that crucial dictating a financial interest in the Blockchain space im
  • The Future(s) of Bitcoin is looking bright

    Even though Bitcoin is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency out there, investing in it can be quite risky. A main reason for this is the fact that its currently trading at just over $7,000 making it seemingly unaffordable for those hoping to invest in it. Another core reason is market volatility. Bitcoin has grown 500% since the beginning of the year,
  • Finding the Best Bitcoin Wallet for You

    Even if you’ve just randomly glanced in the direction of the crypto markets, you’ll see just how well Bitcoin is doing. From its humble beginnings of costing just a few cents to own, to topping the market charts at over $7,000, the Bitcoin bandwagon isn’t stopping anytime soon. It’s not just enough to buy Bitcoin though. You need a safe s
  • BitGo Engineer: Bitcoin Cash Will Do Well in Short-Term, But Not in the Long Run

    Jameson Lopp, the lead engineer at BitGo, a prominent Bitcoin and Blockchain security firm, explained Bitcoin Cash would likely do well in the short-term, but struggle in the long run. Emphasizing the shallow development community of Bitcoin Cash, Lopp wrote:
  • The Future(s) of Bitcoin is Now

    Since the introduction of Bitcoin nearly 10 years ago, it has been subjected to its fair share of ridicule, speculation and avid interest. While some see it as a novelty or just some passing fad, its staying power is undeniable. Its popularity is increasing at a phenomenal rate, with more and more people wanting to get their piece of the Bitcoin pie.
  • Bitcoin – the ultimate existential mystery

    The very definition of the term virtual is “not physically existing as such, but made by software to appear to be so”. This could be why virtual currency as a whole has people scratching their heads trying to figure out of it is indeed real or not. We all knowthat the popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, seem to be increasing exponentially, along with
  • How Anti-Bitcoin Saudi Prince Could Have Prevented Billions of Dollars Being Frozen

    On the RT’s Keiser Report, highly regarded financial analyst Max Keiser revealed that billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, who harshly criticized Bitcoin in the past, could ironically have prevent the loss of his fortune with Prior to his arrest on various charges including corruption and money laundering, Ta
  • Goldman Sachs thinks Bitcoin could soon be worth nearly $8,000

    Bitcoin’s star seems destined to continue to rise. It has grown more than 500%in this year alone, with no sign  that trend will be abating anytime soon. It also seems to be gaining traction outside of the crypto industry, with investors hoping to catch a ride on the Bitcoin express. Hoping to facilitate this, CME, the world’s largest exchange, r