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Here's What Just Happened With Jameson Lopp

Here's What Just Happened With Jameson Lopp

Here's What Just Happened With Jameson Lopp

​The ongoing debate as to the future of bitcoin from a technological perspective is very much a hot topic right now but, to date, while heated, the debate has been somewhat civil. Of course, there are certain individuals (generally) online that like to make their feelings heard and, as is often the case, said feelings can be somewhat aggressive. However, as noted civility has dominated for the main part – at least in terms of what we see in mainstream coverage.

This week, however, this has all changed.

Many reading will likely already be familiar with Jameson Lopp. For those that are not, he is n engineer at BitGo and has played a crucial role in the decision and execution side of the upcoming SegWit2x Bitcoin hard fork.

On October 16, Lopp published a Tweet as follows:

"Dear anonymous coward who just sent dozens of cops w/ rifles to my house w/a false hostage situation report: I am not so easily intimidated."

Apparently, what happened was an individual had called emergency services claiming to be Lopp and outlining the fact that the latter has shot his brother dead on the back of an argument with an assault rifle and that he has his whole family held hostage, with C4 explosives rigged at the door of the house.

For anybody interested, the actual call to the emergency services is available at SoundCloud, here.

Here's what Lopp said to TechCrunch following the event:

“They shut down most of my neighborhood,” he said. “There were dozens of patrol units, a SWAT team, mobile command post, a fire truck, and paramedics,” he said. “It was a huge waste of public resources.”

This is the latest development in an ongoing saga but the severity of this advance seems disproportionate to the situation from which it has arisen.

How things play out from here remain to be seen.

Author : Jack Dean

Jack has worked in the cryptocurrency industry for 5 years now as a reporter. His experience is predominately in banking, while he also has a keen interest in the forex world. His daily output is read by thousands of readers globally.

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