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RainbowMiner - Mining so simple!

RainbowMiner - Mining so simple!

RainbowMiner - Mining so simple!

One of the leading cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers, RainbowMiner has introduced four powerful miners for Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining.

RainbowMiner, We want to devote ourselves to providing the best mining devices. RainbowMiner’s team includes veterans and professionals in microchip design, graphic card, internet commerce and capital management fields. They are most capable of utilizing global talent and resources. Founded in 2016, RainbowMiner is head-quartered in Las Vegas. Based on geographic advantages, we've gathered top level professionals and production resources that support our core competence. We are aiming to make our company excel in the cryptocurrencies mining industry.

We started our R&D in GPU integrated miners half a year ago and big achievements have been made since then. Based on our cutting-edge graphics card configuration, we will be able to drive the cryptocurrency mining to an unprecedented stage.

Rainbow Miner 110MH GPU Miner ETH Zcash XMR Supported Newest Miner for cash Mining Better Than Antminer S9. Now Rainbow Miner has two products. RainbowMiner R1 and RainbowMiner R1 Plus, The RainbowMiner R1  use RX480 x8. Hash Rate: 237MH/s (ETH) & 2150H/S (Zcash), 5890H/S (XMR). Variation of ±5% is expected. But RainbowMiner R1 Plus use RX580 x8, Hash Rate: 280MH/s (ETH) & 2200H/S (Zcash), 5900H/S (XMR). Variation of ±5% is expected

The company started in 2015 and consists of top-level specialists with many years of experience in handling the design and development of equipment, engineering, and management. The expertise of its employees allows RainbowMiner to develop all the key components for the hardware in-house without having to rely on third-party solutions. The use of alternative, new methods of manufacturing also helps the company keep its prices low while offering highest performance possible.

Now we have carried out mass production of our miners. If you want to make a big order, please contact us via [email protected] to discuss a discount. We also welcome distributors to join us and send out the best GPU mining devices to the globe! For more information about our product and how to access cryptocurrencies mining industry, please contact us.

RainbowMiner better than Antminer.

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