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iDice ICO LIVE: Mobile Ethereum Gambling

iDice ICO LIVE: Mobile Ethereum Gambling

iDice ICO LIVE: Mobile Ethereum Gambling

The iDice ICO is currently live. iDice Beta continues to exhibit a remarkably fast growth since its April release. The decentralized online gambling platform has amassed player profits amounting close to $200,000 USD in merely 2 months' time.

iDice First-Ever Mobile

iDice bears the title of the world's first mobile gambling app powered by the Ethereum Network. Dice betting's significance in the history of blockchain technology has been imprinted from the record-smashing 126,315 BTC-sale of the SatoshiDICE. Jordan Wong, iDice founder and CEO, believes that the creation of a fully decentralized Dicing Dapp holds the key to their success.

Mobile gambling Dapp is an untapped market with huge potential, given no other Dice gambling cross-platform exists. iDice aims to be the leader in the industry through the provision of a flexible mobile app that will allow phone users to bring the experience wherever they go.

The iDice app is set to release after its ICO. It will be available for download on both Apple and Android later this year.

Rise of The Ethereum

A look back in the past year shows Ethereum being a fraction of the Bitcoin market cap. Fast forward in 2017, Ethereum has incredibly surpassed the latter at $24 billion (Ethereum) to $46 billion USD (Bitcoin). The promising future of possibly overtaking Bitcoin in the next 3 years can be attributed to Ethereum's unique code.

Smart Contract technology is at the core of iDice, which paves the way for bets to be processed through an Oracle regardless of any server architecture. This transparency, plus the fact that betting contracts are open source and audited by third parties, makes the platform completely trustworthy. Users don't need to make an account nor deposit funds. Their iDice wallet offers the assurance that they can securely play without the risk of being hacked.

The Next SatoshiDICE

Blockchain Dice gambling is unmistakably one lucrative business venture, with the SatoshiDICE responsible for almost all Bitcoin transactions up until 2013.

"Our goal is to dominate the mobile gambling app sector," Wong stated. The founder dreams big towards what SatoshiDICE has achieved. With the iDice mobile app being the first one out, it's certain that it will effectively monopolize the market in that segment. It'll take months before competition begins to enter the scene and by then, iDice will already have built its foundation upon a substantial market share of the Dapp.

The team currently works round the clock in further developing, embedding more features, and testing the iDice mobile app.

iDice Crowdsale

The iDice Crowdsale is currently live.

4,500,00 iDice tokens will be up for sale, created in proportion to the ETH funds received and no more will be made after the crowdsale ends on June 26th. iDice token holders are entitled to claim their share of total profit iDice generates, giving investors the opportunity to join the iDice team.

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