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iDice Announces Mobile Gambling App ICO

iDice Announces Mobile Gambling App ICO

iDice Announces Mobile Gambling App ICO

​iDice is the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app. The iDice ICO will open on the 16th of June, 2017 at UTC 0:00. It will last 14 days and end on the 30th of June, 2017 at UTC 0:00. Participation instructions are posted on the iDice official ICO page.

A limited supply of 5,000,000 iDice tokens will be created and no more will be created after the crowdsale ends. There will be a power hour (first hour) where the tokens will be heavily discounted at 200 tokens: 1 ETH. After that the first week will have a ratio of 170 tokens:1 ETH. The last 7 days will have the lowest ratio at 130 tokens:1 ETH. You can find more information on the iDice whitepaper.

It has been announced that iDice mobile app will launch after the ICO, with specific focus on the gambling games that can only be found on the Ethereum blockchain. There is no other gambling game in blockchain that has a platform specifically designed for mobile phones. iDice’s goal is to become the SatoshiDICE of mobile phones. Jordan Wong, Founder and CEO of iDice, believes that mobile gambling is an untapped market full of potential for iDice.

“I think the gambling Dapps are neglecting a huge market of mobile phone users. There isn’t a good cross-platform app that exists. It’s a huge opportunity for iDice to dominate and display its superior platform. Without mobile app, iDice can stay with our users no matter where they go. Our platform is flexible that way.”

Roughly 57% of all internet traffic is conducted through mobile phones, with more and more companies focusing on mobile development. iDice’s business strategy is to hold a dominant market position on mobile gambling apps, a sector where there is currently no competitors. By the time competitors enter the market, iDice will be months ahead offering a variety of game types including blackjack, poker, slots and roulette.

“We don’t want to compete with pre-existing gambling dapps. It will just become a war of ads. The only people who win in that scenario are the advertising agencies. Our niche is in the mobile sector.”

iDice is made possible by Ethereum smart contracts. The design of the platform is very impressive but it is the technology that is being used which is attracting the most attention. It helps to make all games which are played on the Ethereum blockchain more secure.

One of the most popular features is the fact that your funds never pass through the hands of iDice, instead they are paid straight from your wallet. There is also the guarantee that your funds will never be held by the site.

New features are being added to the site all the time to improve functionality. This benefits players even further because it means that the whole betting process is made much simpler. It can also be used alongside other sites such as Metamask and Jaxx. Players are guaranteed that they will receive payouts because of the smart contracts which are Ethereum based.

iDice is also well known for the excellent support that they offer and their availability. They are very responsive in their bitcointalk announcement and are also very active on their social media. They will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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