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Dice Wallet, A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Dice Wallet, A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Dice Wallet, A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Dice Wallet, Your Ultimate Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet, is a simple and easy digital wallet that makes your life easy. They support bitcoins and other major altcoins, including LTC, DOGE, XRP, START, KDC, LGC, FOC and DDC. It can be considered as “All In One Digital Wallet” as a result of its comprehensive digital mobile wallet features that allows you to buy and sell digital assets instantly, as simple as sending an email. Safe and Secure is also one of its unique features that outstand among others. Security is always on their first priority.

Takuya Hashiyada, the CEO of,, and more crypto sites has been dealing on strategically engaging people in adopting into various cryptocurrencies and the way to highlight the increasing worth of KingDiceCoin and other colored coins.

While Dice Wallet team is busy with securing the system and assuring that is safe to use, they also provide the special offers and promotions to satisfy their loyal and new customers. Its simplicity, speed, and accessibility make them differentiate from others. Dice Wallet provides simple and full featured menu that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins and other altcoins. Making transactions is as simple as counting 1,2,3. The transaction takes instantly for senders and receivers, regardless of how big the amount is. By scanning the digital assets key, you can control your transactions anytime, anywhere. Its premium exchange and remittance services are globally available to provide convenience to customers.

With these, Takuya Hashiyada with his strong team has come up with a superior giveaway during the Christmas and the New Year. Equipped with strong passion and enthusiastic in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, they have decided to reward their loyal customers: Secret Trader - Win an Apple iWatch via Trading with Dice Wallet.

The Secret Trader - Win an Apple iWatch via Trading with Dice Wallet aims to reward their loyal customers, and to make fun with its smooth transactions with Dice Wallet. Just sending coins and win an Apple iWatch by trading with Dice Wallet. The promotion starts from December 14 2016 to January 13 2017. Mechanics are easy, you only has to use your Dice Wallet sending coins more than 20 times, or the highest volume counted as BTC to trade on dice wallet with the promotion period, then like their post on Facebook ( and share the post on your wall then email the following details to [email protected].

  • Name
  • Country
  • Your residental address
  • Dicewallet Registered Email Address

Screenshot of your trading record within December 14 2016 to January 13 2017

Once verified by the mythology marketing team, you are the Secret Trade in Dice Wallet and you will have an Apple iWatch! Let’s be a part of these amazing innovations. Explore deeper, Evaluate intensively, Engage actively, and Earn endlessly.

Happy trading everyone!

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