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5 Amazing Cars You Can Buy For Bitcoin

5 Amazing Cars You Can Buy For Bitcoin

5 Amazing Cars You Can Buy For Bitcoin

​​There was a time, not but 2-3 years ago, when people would ask “What can I buy for Bitcoin?” Nowadays, there are video games and computers you can get on Dell’s or Microsoft’s website, flights you can book anywhere in the world on Cheap-O-Air or, or you can get anything on Amazon for a huge discount through Today at, we’re gonna go over five amazing cars you can get right now on, where they ONLY accept Bitcoins.

2000 Ferrari 360 Modena Manual

This car alone let you know that Ferrari was ready to enter the 21st century. Produced for the 2000 model year starting in 1999, this beauty weighed in at less than 3300 lbs, brought 395 horsepower from a 3.6 liter V8 engine, and ran to 60 MPH in 4.6 seconds. This particular car has less than 40,000 miles, and will only set you back about 125 BTC, or $75,000 USD. It is equipped with an aftermarket sound system, a 3M car cover, and titanium exhaust.

Practically New 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S Coupe

Need a new Mercedes, but your local dealership won’t accept your precious Bitcoins? Take a look at this blazing fast GT-S Coupe with only 56 miles on the clock. The color is “Designo Magno Selenite Grey.” You get a 4.0 Liter Twin Turbo V8 Engine supplying you with over 500 HP (502 to be exact.) 0-60 is almost one second faster than the older Ferrari. The same car you see competing for Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car on YouTube you can buy today for about 235 BTC, or just under $140,000 USD.

Affordable Jeep Rubicon 4X4

Maybe you want something more affordable, as a daily driver? You can have a one-owner Rubicon with a manual transmission and only 65k miles. With this 20-12 model, you get a 3.6 liter V6 engine for this top-of-the-line rig, plus plenty of off-road kit. 3-piece hard top, Tru-loc center and rear locking differentials, a Dana 44 Head Duty Front Axle, and an electronic disconnecting sway bar. This one also has a transferable 100k mile warranty. The price? $25,950 USD, or about 43 BTC.

Are You Ready to go to the Extreme?

Then you need the Extreme 4x4 World's Longest Monster Truck, coming out of White Hill, Arizona, USA. This machine is officially in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Longest Monster Truck.” This is a stretched 2020 Ford Excursion, which was the largest original equipment manufacturer vehicle sold in the United States in its day. It is 32 feet long, ten feet tall and weighs almost seven tons. It comes with a 521 ci Ford Big Block motor with a custom-built C6 transmission. It seats 12, plus the driver. With a custom built interior. If you have 1641 BTC, or almost $1 million USD, oh yeah, this beast can be all yours!

Classically Restored 1970 Hemi Cuda

Maybe you need an even bigger motor than that monster truck above, but in a more graceful body? If you have an old school mentality and appreciate Detroit iron, take a look at this custom Hemi Cuda from 1970. 20” Boze Forged 3-peice wheels, 335mm Michelin PS2 tires out back. This machine has been hitting the gym, dropping over 300 lbs over stock, using a Bowler 727 transmission, and putting down over 700 HP! For about 245 BTC or $130,000 USD, you can pick this up in Copenhagen Denmark today.

Author : Evander Smart

Evander Smart worked for many years as a Wall Street banker, and has learned how the economy is self-destructing from the inside. His travels, experience and research have led him to Bitcoin as the best way forward for the common man. He looks to spread the word on how Bitcoin can help anyone break the shackles of economic slavery being created by global establishment forces. Evander gets you thinking about what money really is, and how it will work for you going forward. The world of finance is getting ready for incredible changes, and he is getting ready for what's coming next. Are you? Learn more about "The Future of Money" @ Bitcoin Video University

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