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7 Sweet Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With A Bitcoin

7 Sweet Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With A Bitcoin

7 Sweet Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With A Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not exactly a mainstream payment option in any part of the world. Even the highly progressive Western culture is still taking a “wait-and-see” approach when it comes to business and Bitcoin. Yet, there are many businesses who are owned by fans of the digital currency or see other benefits to accepting it.

Businesses don’t have to worry about “Chargebacks” on purchases like they would with a debit card transaction. If you accept Bitcoin as a business, you are seen as being on the cutting edge of technology, and will maybe corner the market in your niche. And Bitcoin is an appreciating asset, so accepting something that grows in value over time over something that is designed to lose value over time has plenty of value as well.

So BitConnect will look at ten businesses who have taken the leap and gotten into the Bitcoin niche, allowing you to do some things you never imagined with your Bitcoin.

Momma, get your gun (with Bitcoin)

Yes, Momma can get her gun with Bitcoin, if she lives in Austin, or goes to the Central Texas Gun Works website and buys online with the digital currency. Central Texas Gun Works is going on Year 3 of accepting Bitcoin for a gun purchase.

Toss one back for Bitcoin in Sydney

7 Sweet Things You Could Buy With A BitcoinBistros, bars, and restaurants are frequently among the well over 100,000 businesses worldwide that accept Bitcoin directly for payment. One of them dates back to 2013, the historic Old Fitzroy bar in the Bitcoin-rabid city of Sydney, for instance.

Go to Vegas and live it up on Bitcoin

7 Sweet Things You Could Buy With A BitcoinThe D and the Golden Gate have also been accepting BTC for a long time, since 2014. Oddly, you can do everything but gamble at them with Bitcoin. Pay at the front desk, eat at the restaurant and get something at the gift shop with your Bitcoin.

Buy major homes and pieces of property with your Bitcoin

Would any Bitcoin millionaire like to buy an Australian island bungalow retreat? The Byron Bay Australia Tourist Facility is for sale through and has 8 bedroom, 6 living room, 7 bathrooms including 2 separate cabins,Spa bath, kitchenette and en-suite bathroom in every room -4 Guest rooms/cabins currently running as 5-star accommodation plus a manager’s residence -12 metre pebble-finish saltwater pool with a large pool deck - Open-only $3.5 Million USD worth of Bitcoin, which would convert to 6377 BTC.

Order a brand new electric car with your Bitcoin

The Tesla Model 3 made waves this summer with its new release and 180,000+ pre-orders from fans all over the world. One of them used a Bitcoin debit card from ShakePay to make his $1000 deposit. He should get his new car is about 2 years from now.

Binge at Burger King with Bitcoin?

Oh yes! One franchise owner fan of the “King of Coins” just started accepting BTC this year at his restaurant in The Netherlands (formerly Holland.) A nice incentive is if you buy one Whopper with BTC you get one free. Who can turn that down?

Play the Powerball lottery with your Bitcoins

Use “The Future of Money” to win……a future of money? In New York, you can use their Jackpocket app on your smartphone to buy Powerball tickets and they do accept Bitcoin from those who want to be in it to win it.

Author : Evander Smart

Evander Smart worked for many years as a Wall Street banker, and has learned how the economy is self-destructing from the inside. His travels, experience and research have led him to Bitcoin as the best way forward for the common man. He looks to spread the word on how Bitcoin can help anyone break the shackles of economic slavery being created by global establishment forces. Evander gets you thinking about what money really is, and how it will work for you going forward. The world of finance is getting ready for incredible changes, and he is getting ready for what's coming next. Are you? Learn more about "The Future of Money" @ Bitcoin Video University

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