Bitcoin News Sits Down with Brave Browser CEO Brendan Eich Sits Down with Brave Browser CEO Brendan Eich Sits Down with Brave Browser CEO Brendan Eich

It has been quite a couple of months for the young Internet browsing company known as Brave. Living up to their namesake, they have received much notoriety since their launch earlier this year, yet the backlash from the online publishing establishment has been just as noteworthy. sat down with former Chief Architect of Netscape and Mozilla to get the low down on their innovative new web browser, and where Bitcoin fits into the mix.

What was the genesis of the Brave project and how long has this been in the making?

Brave Browser CEO Brendan Eich

"I was working on the idea since late 2014 and got the first seed investment in May 2015. We launched on January 20th of 2016."

What was the hardest part of creating a new web browser? Did your company benchmark Chrome or other popular browsers for design and functionality?

“Yes, we benchmark all the time. We started with a Mozilla framework called Graphene around the Gecko engine, but in a multi-benchmark and API-scored bake-off, that approach lost cleanly to Electron / chromium in late November 2015. So we switched.”

"On mobile operating systems, we are, of course, constrained by license rules or just competitive parity to use the bundled web view: UIWebView on iOS, and the OS's chromium web view on Android.”

How and why did Bitcoin enter the Brave project?

“I met with Mike Belshe, a founder of BitGo, in summer 2015 to discuss payment systems and their trade-offs. I knew Mike from Netscape, and later from his time at Google while I was at Mozilla. It became clear that BTC as a cryptocurrency, and BitGo as a partner, made sense for Brave. We needed permissionless but auditable in the large payments; we needed "Bitcoin under the hood", implicitly created wallets -- so an enterprise approach as BitGo exemplifies won for us.”

As you may know, Bitcoin is at somewhat of a crossroads, and your timing is very interesting for this new project. This summer, no one really knows where Bitcoin is going when it comes to its scalability. If there are serious issues affecting Bitcoin this summer, do you have a Plan B when it comes to taking digital currency payments? Can you or will you take other altcoins in the future instead, if necessary?

“We share the concern but play it by ear since our use is "under the hood". If we thought Ethereum was the better choice, we could switch. If BTC falters there will be a successor, likely one close to the current system. The decentralized ledger / sybil-attack-resistant cryptocurrency genie is out of the bottle, and we are confident that no one will stuff it back in.” (For more information on this, go to"

How is the Brave browser project going? Can you quantify its early progress?

"We are growing as expected, and we predict even faster growth in the short run, as we adopt popular chromium extensions such as 1Password (see our 0.9 developer release last Friday)."

Are mainstream websites establishing Bitcoin wallets to work with Brave?

"No. We create the wallets eagerly, and hand over private keys when enough funds are deposited to attract publishers to "come and get your money".

How is the acceptance of your browser going among the largest sites online as far as cooperation?

"That's a great question in light of this week's news. Please see our blog for the latest in this regard ( We are working with the most enlightened publishers on win/win plans going forward.”

Thank you for your time, Mr. Eich, and good luck!

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