Safety and security

Safety and security

Safety and security

We work hard to help keep your account secure and protect your personal information. Our security measures and reputation system are designed for maximum protection against fraud.

Deal with trusted community members

Bitconnect allows you to deal with safe and trusted community members, through using our built-in feedback rating system. In addition, you can check any member’s public profile to verify their trustworthiness. Stay connected with trusted community members by adding them into your friends list on Bitconnect.

In summary:

  • Check all member reputation interactions from public profile
  • Check all previous feedback scores from the different modules
  • Check real name and address verification when using a high risk exchange method
  • Check all Social connections to protect yourself against fake accounts
  • Don’t trust anyone simply on their word always verify trust for yourself

Multi-signature escrow service

Bitconnect transactions are protected by our multi-signature escrow service. Bitconnect doesn’t have full access to the funds available in multi-signature bitcoin addresses. If any problems arise, Bitconnect support resolves these dispute cases immediately and has the final say in all dispute resolutions.

Review the summary points to minimize risk and protect yourself against fraud:

  • Check that the payment has cleared in your account before you releases any bitcoin. Even if this means you withdraw the cash in hand first to protect against charge-back reversals

  • Alway Transfer Bitcoin into the multi-signature escrow address provided by Bitconnect. Fraudulent buyers often suggest completing transaction without escrow. Do not complete transaction outside the escrow.

  • Do not take any action based on email or phone. Use Bitconnect chat box for all communications related to open trade.